Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ToxicList important?

When seeking funds for a project, a team is looking for reliable partners that don't sell all tokens right away. This hurts the price and therefore the community. By having a ToxicList, the project can determine if a fund or person is considered a flipper and therefore make a more balanced investment and fund strategy without dumping the price of their token.

Who is a ToxicList’s Flipper?

A crypto flipper is a person or company who got tokens before listing and sold them shortly after listing.

Currently there are two main criterias:
Flipper’s address got Tokens before Listing.
More than 30% of these Tokens were sold within 3 days after listing.

These criterias will be expanded over time.

How does ToxicList work?

The main idea of ToxicList is providing open access to the List of Flippers for everyone. Currently the mechanism of ToxicList functioning includes 3 сonsistent key elements:

  1. Anyone can report a Flipping investor on the ToxicList’s website.
  2. Within several weeks the reported data will be validated by ToxicList analysts
  3. Publication of info about flippers in ToxicList.

Then reporting, validation and publishing will run in parallel.

What data provided by a user will be published on ToxicList?

Only Open Data will be published after report validation:

  • Flipper’s Address to which the Tokens from the project were distributed
  • Token symbol representing the Project
  • Investment round (Private round, Seed round, IDO) when the Tokens were allocated by the Project for the Flipper
  • Flip amount (in $USD) how big was the flipping case
  • Flipper’s Name, eg. Name of fund or investor, a link to Flipper’s website or social media profile.

What data provided by a user in the report will remain private?

Validation Data:

  • Flipping Txn Hash (or link to Etherscan) showing that Token was sold, sent to Liquidity Pull.
  • Proofs that Flipper’s Address is Linked to Flipper’s Name, eg. fund's webpage with Address or link to a social media post.
  • Attached Screenshot with Address and Name (it can be the chat where Flipper gave his Address, SAFT, or any proof that is not in open access for ToxicList’s analysts).
  • Your contact info (email, Twitter, Telegram, Wechat, etc.) if you would like to be informed about validation results.

Disclaimer! Hacken Foundation guarantees the non-disclosure of validation data provided by the users of ToxicList. At the same time, users are held liable for the disclosure of any data in the ToxicList reporting form.

Why is the Name of Flipper important?

ToxicList DB can contain Flipper’s Address only, BUT the same Flipper can use a new address each time Flipper gets tokens from a different project. Therefore it’s better to group such Addresses under Flipper’s Name.

How can I prove that a Flipper’s Address belongs to a Flipper’s Name?

You can give a link or/and attach a picture where a ToxicList analyst can see Flipper’s Address along with the Name. Also you can contact us directly by [email protected] and provide detailed information.

Will a Flipping Address without Flipper Name be published in ToxicList?

Yes. However, Flipper's Name is one of the main data of ToxicList you can report only the address. Some other reporter can give the name to this address and they will be combined during validation.

Can I report several times?

Yes. You can send as many flipping reports as you know. Also you can report the same Flipper if you want to add more details. Identical reports will not be taken into account.

How will the data validation be made?

The main proof of the Flipping case is a Flipping Txn Hash and it determines whether the reported data will be added to ToxicList. Please provide several Txn, if Tokens from Flipper’s Address were dispersed and sold through several wallets. The most of the data will be checked with open source data (eg. Etherscan). For some of the reports a special blockchain analytical software will be used.

What if I am a "flipper" in the ToxicList but it is wrong?

ToxicList analysts will do their best to validate the reported data, but if you can refute some Flipping case published in ToxicList you can contact us by [email protected] or make a report with the proof to refute that flipping.